The Summer Between, Complete

I posted the last chapter (more of an epilogue than a full chapter, really) of The Summer Between this morning. The story has actually been complete for a while, but I just got lazy about posting it until I got some very annoyed reviews wondering if I was ever going to update again!

It will probably be a little while before I work at all on the next Gwen story. Original writing has kind of taken over my time lately (as it should be, I guess), but I hope to come back to Gwen eventually.

The final chapter is here. I hope you guys enjoy!
3 Responses
  1. I organizing thoughts and will come back and post! But just a quick note to say I enjoyed it and am sad to see the end. :)

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Between one thing and another, I have been a very poor reviewer lately. That said, I enjoyed the ending very much and am very invested in seeing what becomes of Gwen and Co. later on.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I did start the third story, but it's going to take some research (SPOILER - she becomes a Wren), and I don't have time for any extra research these days. I've been reading "Bright Young People" by DJ Taylor as part of my research for my 1920s adventure-fantasy, and it's really making me want to focus more and Di and Jon and their early years instead of yet another WWII story.

    (I'm also playing with the idea of having a Jon and Di Blake from Canada make a cameo appearance in my adventure-fantasy - I mean, no one except me and the few people who read my fanfics would know who they are, so it couldn't be considered copyright infringement, right? As long as I don't mention her maiden name at all, or PEI, or anything else that could connect them with LMM?)