Emily of New Moon and Blythe By Name

One of my book blogger friends posted this link about her thoughts on Emily of New Moon and I thought you guys might enjoy it! She just read it for the first time and had some interesting things to point out about it.


I also wanted to post that I've been reworking Blythe By Name lately, as a writing exercise...I need to get into writing again and I thought I might fix some of the things I DIDN'T like about the first draft. For instance, I thought the children were too cruel in their treatment of Irene. I think the new story will be less about trying to get Irene out of the family and more about coming to terms with change, the way you do when you're on the cusp of adulthood. Shirley's marriage to Irene will represent for the children (Sally especially) that life brings unexpected issues and challenges.

It's coming along, and I might post some of the rewrites, soon. I really love this version of the third generation, they are my favorites so far! I want to do their story justice and am having fun revisiting them again.
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  1. Adrienne Says:

    I'll be excited to read the new version. Between feeling subhuman and my computer at work being DOA, I never really got started with my plans to finish TTTT by the end of the year. I hope to get on the bandwagon again too.

    I STILL would love to reread the Alice stories some time.

  2. Elouise82 Says:

    I actually went to read the Alice stories the other day and was quite miffed to find them missing. Something else was gone too - was it your Story Girl fic? I think maybe that was it.

    I'm excited for the new version of BBName, too. I like the idea of Irene more representing the changes that come from growing up and (reluctantly) out of childhood, rather than them hating her so much just for her.

  3. I deleted Alice and a few other stories by accident years ago...I wanted to export them and revise and reupload, but wasnt paying attention. I didnt save the exported files before I deleted the old versions. I guess I should be glad that my account wasnt hacked like I thought, and that I was exporting stories I thought needed work, not ones I thought were my best...but the loss of Alice makes me feel sick, sometimes.

    Adrienne, I REALLY want you to get on the bandwagon again, too! I *dream* about Hope and co. sometimes.

    Anyway. Im looking for ways to make my BBN stories more down to earth and less fanficcy...do you know what I mean? The idea that everybody still lives all together in the same place, twenty years later...all the Blythes marrying all the Merediths...all these other characters from the universe, or their children, popping up everywhere. This is hard for me, because I like everything to be woven together like that, but I am trying! I think Ill start with having Di and Carl marry OTHER people.

  4. Adrienne Says:

    In books and stories, I like for everyone to be together. In reality.... I hate it and personally like to see people move about and explore new options. Like I said, though, I like a little ideal-ness in my fictional families though.

    Maybe I'll really jump on the bandwagon in about six or so weeks.... :) Maybe I'll do it sooner. Tomorrow should be a slow, quietish day. I might bring my Macbook to work with me. I LOVE my iPad, but the touchscreen isn't conducive to writing at all. I need to get a bluetooth keyboard, but don't see much point as I'll only use it at work and don't plan to be here past December.

  5. Elouise82 Says:

    Connie, that's awful about your stories. Like you said, at least it's the ones that needed work, but still ... so discouraging!

    I go back and forth with the Anne 'verse. On the one hand, I tried really hard to split the families, have some of them marry others in my Gwen story. On the other, even LMM herself ended up pairing most of them off in her stories, so it almost makes sense for fanfic writers to do the same. Faith and Jem, Jerry and Nan, Rilla and Ken, Walter dead, Una forever single ... she doesn't leave much room for bringing others in! I kind of wish I'd had Shirley and Persis marry different people, now, but on the other hand ... I really like them as a couple!

    Adrienne, I hope you are able to write soon - I know it's hard right now, but hopefully you'll get a break in the next few weeks! I miss Hope and Tenny &Co.