I'm having a problem.

I'm almost done with The Summer Between, and I was planning on going right into the next chapter in Gwen's story, which would be the war.

However, between reading the original edition of Rilla of Ingleside, and watching Downton Abbey, I am finding myself increasingly drawn to writing something set during that period - which would mean a Diana story, her life at Redmond during the war years.

Unfortunately, I've only done the vaguest plotting for that period of time, and don't really have a real story set out at all for her. Should I keep going with Gwen's story, or follow my current whim and start writing Di's tale, even without knowing where exactly it's leading?
2 Responses
  1. Adrienne Says:

    I don't know. That's tricky. Maybe inspiration will lean you toward outlining a Di story?

  2. I would love more Gwen, of course, but you have to go where inspiration takes you! I agree with Adrienne: it cant hurt to outline Di's story. And it might help flesh out Gwen's!