We're about live through either Snowmageddon or Icepocalypse, so I think I may need new reading material. Suggestions???

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  1. Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis. They're about a group of Oxford student historians who time travel from 2060 back to 1940 London and get caught in the Blitz when their drops won't open. One of them is literally racing against the clock to get out: she visited WWII before on a prior assignment so she has a deadline. If she's still there when her previous visit occurs, she'll die.

    I thought the books would be pure fun, but they ended up being really historically accurate and interesting, as well as well written and full of good emotional payout. I can't recommend them enough! I gulped through both in the past week though they are each really thick!

  2. PS: Good luck with the Icesnowgeddon!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wives & Daughters or North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Good thick books for taking your mind off a crazy storm!