Cup of Joy, Finished

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally (finally, finally) put up the last chapter of Song of Joy.

This story ended up being a bit of a disappointment to me - I had so much fun starting out with it, but by the time I was done I was sick to death of Jane in all her superior-ness, and just ended up shoving through the final five chapters or so, just to get it done. A lesson in finishing my stories more quickly, I suppose, instead of letting them drag out so long!

At any rate, even though I don't think the final few chapters are as good quality as I am capable of writing, at least they are done, and the story itself is done, and I can go back to just reading about Jane and enjoying her that way. Let's face it, it's much more enjoyable reading about someone growing a backbone and finding her place in the world than writing about that person after she's found herself and is already established!

(And I am still working on The Summer Between, I've just hit a bit of a slump in the plot and am trying to fill in the lag without it looking like fill-in, plus with holidays (and children) writing has taken a back burner. But I'm not sick of Gwen yet, and I hope I never get there!)
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  1. Yay! I have been slack in my reading because of Christmas craziness, but now that I know I have a nice long read waiting, I'll make time for it.

    I admire you for sticking with your story even though you were necessarily feeling it. That's difficult for me. Rilla My Rilla might forever remain unfinished because I am SO TIRED of Rilla's self-centered silliness.

    I never really liked Jane the best out of LMM's heroines, but I did actually love her in the Meg stories. Her relationship with Bram was romantic and Jane was the perfect match for that character. And I actually like her better in your story than in LMM's original!

  2. Erm, it should say "WEREN'T necessarily feeling it" in the comment above. There really needs to be an edit button!

  3. Elouise82 Says:

    I know a lot of people (in fact, most people I've ever talked to) don't really like Jane, but I like her simplicity. She doesn't have grand ambitions or big plans, and watching her blossom from the wimp she was with Grandmother into such a strong, humorous, independent individual is fun for me every time.

    I think it was that lack of anything that needed blossoming that made me get sick of her story after a while!

  4. Adrienne Says:

    Sorry I've been MIA. Posting online hasn't been something that I've felt up to doing much lately. I totally understand you're getting tired of a character. There's only so much you can do with some.