Lack of Progress Report

Between adopting  Miss Dorothy Gale, and then the drama that has ensued in light of my sister's pending divorce, I haven't really felt particularly creative lately.  Actually, I'm feeling it some now, I've just had to spend too much time talking to people.  I hate wasting time on the phone.

I also took down my websites, because I really don't want to pay $99.00 a year right now for Apple's stuff.  Also,  I can't really justify it to Bart when we have another mouth to feed who really likes to eat, and I talked him into paying another $20.00 a month to finally get a DVR.

That said, it looks like at least for a while, I may be having a little more free time at work, and now that Dory has learned to run to the door and let us know that she needs to potty rather than just squatting in the floor, I can focus on other things.  The girls play amongst themselves so much, I do have a little more freedom.  Lucy alone, was a bit of a needy, clingy girl.

I seriously pray for continued lack of drama so I can get back to enjoying my time imagining things to write.
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can't wait until my two girls start playing together! I wouldn't complain if I could potty-train them as quickly as you managed with your girls, either :)

    I'm also praying for your life to take a calmer turn, mostly for your own sake, but writing progress would be a nice side benefit.

  2. Short-round still has accidents, especially when she has to stay locked up in her room on rainy days. It has rained almost every day for weeks. This has been the wettest, coldest year I can recall. I feel like I live in freaking Seattle. I'm not talking about a little piddle on the newspaper either. I'm talking about #2, then getting it all over the little bathroom because she keeps stepping in it and trying to get away from it.

    Other than that, she's doing pretty good. I wish kids were as easy to potty train.