Because Connie Asked

So, status report for my stories:

The Sound of the Sea is on Ch 10 and progressing nicely. I work on it every time I'm supposed to be studying. Isn't that the way of it? If I was supposed to be writing I'd want to study.

Cup of Joy is stalled. It's all plotted out, but quite frankly I'm sick of Jane. PLus I have a tendency to get sick of my stories near the end and rush them to a conclusion, and I'd just as soon not do that here, so I'm waiting until I feel a little friendlier toward Superior Jane.

I'm tentatively planning a final story in my Anne series, a collection of vignettes mostly about the great-grandchildren, mostly to give people an idea of what direction each of the families takes. That won't be tackled until after tSotS (gosh that looks weird) is done, so who knows when I'll get to it!

And just in case anyone is curious about my Jane Austen story (Her Own Manner of Devotion) I am planning on finishing it, but it actually takes a somewhat exhausting amount of research for mere fanfiction, so I can only tackle it when I've plenty of time for searching out obscure details. I do intend to write epistletory sequels for at least Northanger Abbey, Emma, and Persuasion once I've finished with this, and I'd like to do all of them provided I can think of good enough plots.
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  1. I can't wait to read tSotS!

    For Jane, well, you've made her more interesting, but I've always found her one of the most boring of LMM's characters.