A New Start

Some of you may notice that I have taken "Through These Trying Times" off of ff.net.  This isn't permanent, but I've decided after chatting some with Cathy that I could go forward with the story the way it is, but it just isn't right.  That's why I haven't updated it in two years.  Now, the main story will remain basically the same, but I'm going to take my time with it, rewrite it, and give it the proper attention that it deserves.  I plan to resist posting a chapter, just for the sake of posting it.

So, I don't plan to post it on ff.net until I have several chapters rewritten to my liking.  The sad thing is that it's taken me at least a week to rewrite just the first chapter.  That said, I do plan on posting a chapter at a time on a Google site, just for opinions and constructive criticism.

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  1. Elouise82 Says:

    I look forward to reading it! I understand some of your frustrations; as I'm nearing the end of WMT I keep wishing I had written it differently, or at least finished it more quickly so it didn't ramble so much. I've thought about re-writing it once it's done, but at this point I'm just so ready to be done and move on to the next story! So I'm impressed that you are willing to take the time to write this the very best you can!

  2. Well, I just couldn't make myself write beyond where I was in the other version, because my heart new that it wasn't right. Believe me, I've tried for months upon months. It's not like the characters ever were very far from my thoughts. Mentally, I've already finished "Through These Trying Times" and have moved on to "These Three Remain," at least in some ways.

    I want to flesh out my characters better. I have so many characters that it's rather difficult to keep up with all of them, but I intend to devote several chapters at a time to one or two characters at a time to tell their story, while Hope remains the central character.

    That said, in reading the latest version of my first chapter, you would think that Maddie was the central character. She is a main character, just as Cecilia, Gracie, and Tenny are too, and Lizzie will be one once she comes along.

    One thing that I'm still torn by though is what to do with the character of Nathaniel in the war? Does he come home or not? I pretty much know everyone else who will be injured and killed, but I want to both bring him home and kill him. I know it's far too early for you to really know what you want to do with him. However, as the chapters come along, I want your opinion. Actually, I want your opinion on ALL of it!

  3. Elouise82 Says:

    Well, if Nathaniel remains the same character in the new version as he was in the old, I will beg you not to kill him! On the other hand, I know sometimes an author has to let well-loved characters go to make a point (I'm sure LMM wasn't rubbing her hands in glee over killing Walter), so I'll understand if he doesn't make it home. I know, not much help, am I?

  4. The characters will remain the same for the most part, just a little more fleshed out. I haven't heard too many complaints regarding them, and I like them all. I'm just changing and/or adding to their stories a bit. I guess I'll have to decide as time goes by... I'm not sure. I really, REALLY hate to kill Nan and Jerry's son...

  5. Connie Says:

    You were a big inspiration to me to revise CoRAF. And I can't WAIT to read that chapter. This seriously, seriously has made my day.

    I want to let you know I DID notice TTTT was gone, but refrained from posting because I didn't want to pressure you. It's funny--I was trying to do a google search about what year Bruce Meredith was born, and your ff profile was one of the first links that came up. And I noticed the story missing--and I started to hope. YAY!

    Nate will let you know what to do with him. It's hard to kill characters off--think of how LMM must have felt when she killed Walter. I hate killing people but I do it because it is unrealistic otherwise. If Nate is the one that goes--I truly believe you wont BE able to do anything else.

  6. Connie Says:

    Already this chapter feels crisper, and cleaner, more pared down. I can tell you are focusing on certain characters and letting others fade into the woodwork. It was good before but now it feels like less information given more effectively. And you've kept the images I like best--Anne's eyes in the first few lines, and the white bird flying into the rainstorm that Hope sees. So many stirring archetypes.

  7. Last night I made myself sit down and start Chapter 2. It wasn't easy because I have a four-legged red-head who believes all my attention should be showered upon her.

    Anyway, first I started to retype the first version of Chapter 2. Then, I thought I would copy and paste and just make revisions. Both of those ideas hindered the free flow of word though, so I had to totally rewrite the whole thing. It may take a couple of rewrites to get it just right though, and I haven't finished the first one yet. It's good to be "doing" again though.

  8. Connie Says:

    Hear hear! Can't wait to read it!