Rewrites and Revisions

Hello, blogosphere Josephers! Long time no post, hey?

I wanted to let everybody know that I decided to re-work certain aspects of my Cecilia of Red Apple Farm story--I read it over and noticed that there wasn't as much finesse or historical detail as I would have liked. When I was writing the story the first time I went back and forth between Marshall and Blythe, and I think it showed--the wavering around. This time I know where things are headed, so I've started to tighten up and edit and add some new content. Let me know what you think? Is there anything you didn't like about the first story that you think I should address in the new version? I would be ever grateful for the direction.

Link is here:

I am also in the process of writing an extremely long account of my visit to PEI last month and can't wait to share it and get some discussion going again. I've missed "talking" with everybody.

What are you all up to?

-Ruby AKA Cathy
2 Responses
  1. I love the newer version of CORAF. (Ok, my dyslexic fingers took far too long to type those initials.) I like the newer relationship between Marshall and Cecilia. I still don't think that Sid is good enough. I love the more historical touches. I HATE that I can't review on chapters I've reviewed before.

    Reading this has always reminded me of watching a movie from that era like, Since You Went Away, or The Clock. I really feel like I'm in that time period, but in "Anne's World."

  2. I refuse to fight with It's not you, it's, LOL. I want to say that there are SOOO many things I love about this current version of Cecilia of Red Apple Farm.

    1. I love that Marshall has a bigger role in it.
    2. I love that Penny is staying at Red Apple Farm. She and Bruce were such major characters in Cecilia of Ingleside that I missed them.
    3. I like that this time the winter-time medical crisis didn't involve Blythe or Joy. I also love that Cecilia save the day by delivering Iris.
    4. I like that Rosemary is already being called "Romy."
    5. I enjoyed reading more about Jacob Penhallow's family, since we know more about him through "This Modern Age."
    6. I actually think that I dislike Blythe more this time around. The part just before he left about how he "loved her above all earthly things" made me think that I think he loved himself more than that, though. It's funny that I liked him so much in Cecilia of Ingleside, but as he grew up, I didn't like him.
    7. I like the touch of reality of Owen taking up for both Blythe and his Uncle Walter when they were called "nancy."
    8. I like that Jims was mentioned early on.
    10. I still love the backstory of Gil, Walt, Cathy, and Nellie.
    11. I absolutely adored the part where the aunts talked everything over. LOVED IT.