You Say You Wanna Converation? Alright...

I have a few conversation pieces for you guys:

  1. Cathy / Connie/ Ruby - Since we're now reading a second, happier, version of "Where the Brook and River Meet" what were you planning to do with Cecilia in the original.  If you're going to spoil anything from the current version, don't.  
  2. Elouise - Are we going to see/hear any more of Hawk in the Meggie series? 
3 Responses
  1. Elouise82 Says:

    I don't plan on doing anything more with Hawk. I had a possible romance arc planned for him, but I actually don't see that working out after all. If anything, we might hear about him a few years down the road, in a "this is where your life could have gone do you regret it" type of way, kind of like the way Roy Gardiner popped up once or twice in the later Anne books. But a personal appearance: I'm not planning it!

    And Cathy, I'm really curious about Alternate Cecilia/Marshall, too!

  2. Connie Says: wasn't going to be very nice for poor Cecilia. After Lottie's death she was going to swear off doctoring forever and I had her going back to Marshall and telling him she'd marry him after all. Then she was very unhappy because something was missing from her life, but she wasn't self-aware enough to see it. Then Joy's baby got sick, and Cecilia saved it, and realized she could be a doctor and a wife, and all was well. But I didn't want there to be any terrible feelings between her and Marshall, even if they were fleeting. I think it could have been all right, but it hurt my heart too much to continue with it that way.

  3. Elouise82 Says:

    Oh Cathy, that just sounds so sad. Too much like Mistress Pat, where she only finds happiness at the very, very end. I'm glad you decided to give Cecilia more joy than that!