Incomplete Fanfictions We Miss

Here is a list of fanfictions that I have enjoyed reading, but haven't seen any updates in a while. They're not in any particular order...

1. The Minister's Daughter by Faith Meredith
2. Una of Redmond by Una Meredith
3. Suzy of Ingleside by Edie Star
4. Sands Through the Hourglass by Strawberry Lip Gloss
5. Faith's Journey by Faerie5
6. Another Day Without You by Irish Princess
7. Child of Idlewild by Dylan Lee Arwood
8. Una of Somewhere by Iffie
9. Avonlea's Brightest Son by Laurie1
10. Back To Green Gables by Terreis

There are others I like a great deal that have been updated recently, and if I've forgotten one then I am very sorry. My memory is good, but it's not as great as it once was. Also, while I miss all of Ruby's fics, I know that she is busy in law school and wish her well.

1 Response
  1. Thanks for including my story on your list, Adrienne. I have been neglecting my fanfics terribly for a very long time. Although I plan to finish them, I'm not sure when. But knowing that someone misses one of them may help to get me motivated.