I need your opinion

Okay, I have a question to ask. I am writing a chapter for my WWII fic because my muse slapped me in the face today. Anyway, I don't want to give too many details because I hope that this will be my most poignant fic yet, and I can't really post it until the others are written because I would be giving the story away. Those stories are coming to me too, it's just that this certain bit of inspiration hit me today, and I cannot ignore The Flash.

Anyway, there have been many characters given the first name of Blythe in the fanficitions. I'm wanting to name a boy and a girl. I want to name one Blythe and one Darcy. Which should be the boy, and which should be the girl? They will be brother and sister. That's all I can tell you. Please tell me what you think.
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    this is hard question- personnaly, I have always felt that Blythe was more of a girl's name than a boy's name, but I have an aunt by the name of Darcy-so this is rather hard!

    However, I have also met a male darcy but never a blythe- so i vote blythe for the girl and darcy for the boy.

  2. Elouise82 Says:

    Haha--just to make things interesting, I'm going to vote differently. I've always thought of Darcy as a girl's first name, and Blythe, it seems to me, can go either way. Plus, I think Darcy is really pretty for a girl, so I'm voting female Darcy and male Blythe! I suppose you could check out some statistics and see which was more common back then, though, if you wanted to be boring and practical about it :)

  3. Who wants to be boring and practical? I find myself leaning both directions.

  4. Blythetwin Says:

    So if you go by the meaning of the name, Blythe means "happiness" and Darcy means "dark one".

    If you go by popularity (yes, I AM boring and practical :) ) the "Behind the names" website shows that Darcy was a more popular boys name in the 1950s-60s then became popular as a girls name in the 90s. They have Blythe as a boys name, but do not state what years if any it was most popular as such.

    If you go by my opinion, I suppose I would say I like Blythe as a boy and Darcy as a girl, but could be convinced to go the otherway if that is what you choose for your story. :)

  5. I know that either way, it will work wonderfully, and that it will be each child's Middle name. Though they will go by their middle names. The boy will be named in remembrance of his father, the girl for an relative, I will not say whether said relative will be living though. Basically because I'm fairly sure which relative it will be, but not entirely. These children will be born before the fifties too.