Across the Miles: Tales of Correspondence

I was following a link in an Avonlea Forum thread started by Iffie discussing hard to find books. While visiting the link, I read that this was supposed to be the ninth book of the Anne series. Has anyone else ever heard of this? This is what the website said:

"This book was to be the 9th book in the Anne collection but unfortunately, Maud died before it was published. Her son had it edited and was originally published in 1974.

In L.M. Montgomery's world, receiving a letter was an important event. Letters, before the advent of the telephone, were the sole means of communication between people who lived at a distance from each other and letterwriting was a skill to be cultivated, often by keeping a journal. Throughout these stories Montgomery's characters put pen to paper, and we see how their writings affect their lives.

Many of the stories in Across the Miles turn on the sending or receiving of a letter, yet the concerns of the correspondents and the outcome of their stories are ingeniously varied. Montgomery's tales may be set on her beloved Prince Edward Island or the western prairies, in a humble cottage or a society mansion; her tone may be serious or playful; her characters may be caught up in whirlwind love affairs or the more prosaic business of everyday life.

But always the stories in Across the Miles bring us back to a world we feel we have lost, a world that is seemingly old-fashioned but whose values and concerns still matter, a world we enter gladly."

Here is the link: Island Flower L.M. Montgomery Short Stories
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  1. Blythetwin Says:

    I had never heard of this book... has anyone read it? I found a short description of all of the stories from the Ticked Orange web site. I find it amazing how often LMM recycled old names in all of her stories! Anyway, I can't see how (at least from the descriptions) how these stories could have led to the ninth Anne book, but I also can't see the Road to Yesterday as ever being part of the series either...

  2. Gem Says:

    It's not a continuation of the Anne series, it's a collection of short stories. An aunt who sews a note into a dress, a schoolmaster who writes love letters, etc. Quite a nice book, one of LMM's best short story collections.

  3. Across the Miles are short stories discovered and edited by Rea Wilmhurst, a woman who was an Anne fan and who discovered many short stories LMM had written and published in magazines. she published many short story volumes like Across the Miles: Akin to Anne, Along the Shore, Among the Shadows, After Many Years, Against the Odds, At the Altar.

    LMM never made a ninth Anne book out of the stories in Across the Miles. The website must have confused it with the Road to Yesterday, which was discovered by her son after her death, and published in 1974. The Road to Yesterday was originally called The Blythes are Quoted, and had small scenes of life at Ingleside between the stories.