Marilla of Cuthbert Place

I just finished planning out the story for "Marilla of Cuthbert Place." It will be the first in a three part series about Marilla, telling the story of her relationship with John Blythe and how she came to live in Green Gables which we all know and love. I've started working on the first chapter and should have it up sometime today or tonight. I looked back through the Anne books to see if I could get any info on names of Marilla's parents and Thomas Lynde's parents, but I couldn't find anything so I have decided on these names:

Marilla's mother: Marie (Mary) Cuthbert
Marilla's father: George Cuthbert

Elizabeth Lynde: for Thomas Lynde's mother. I chose this because in the book, Rachel Lynde has a daughter named Eliza and it makes sense she would name her after Thomas's mother, especially the way I plan on portraying her.

But I could have missed something, so if any of the names are actually given, let me know! The story is going to start shortly after the founding of Avonela. The story will start in about 1828 (according to my calculations Marilla would have been born in 1813, and the island only started to be extensively settled in the 1790s). Marilla is going to be 15 at the start of the story, and Matthew about 13.

I've also decided to make Marilla's mother French. This posed some problems since in the Anne books, when Matthew dies, Anne brings a rose from a rosebush that Marilla's mother brought out from Scotland. So thanks to Adriennelane, I found a way around that by making Marie Cuthbert a Huguenot. The Huguenots fled France in the 1500s and 1600s after the Inquisition and many of them went to Scotland. From there, Marie Cuthbert's family came to PEI in the late 1700s. For more resources on Huguenots, here is a link:

Anyway, I hope to have the story up soon, and I hope you all had a good Christmas!

ruby gillis aka Cathy
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    This looks really interesting! I can't wait to read it.

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    This sounds very interesting, Ruby. Can't wait to read it once it's posted!

  4. Yay!! A new Cathy fic! Can't wait to read it!!

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  6. the names sound pretty authentic. can't wait!