January Character of the Month: Jerry Meredith

I know that it's a few days early. However, things have been a bit slow with the holidays, so I don't think it's a bad thing to get started early with our very first Character of the Discussion. I know that this sounds somewhat lame and odd, but as I looked at last pages of my new copy of Rainbow Valley, it all felt new again. Anyway, I didn't want to pick a Blythe as the first Character of the Month because that's a little too cliche'. However, I didn't want to stray away from what I perceive to be the most popular of LMM's series either. So I decided on Jerry Meredith.

Jerry Meredith is the least mentioned of the Meredith children. We know a little about him, but not too much. What kind of person do you perceive him to be from what you've read?

I plan to post this and all comments at the forum as well, so if you answer here, don't there. I'll try to keep up and put the ones here, there and vise versa.
5 Responses
  1. geeruby Says:

    I always imagine Jerry to be a cross between Gilbert (practical, sensible) and Mr. Meredith (passionate, a dreamer). I figure he must be a lot like Gilbert to be able to keep up with Nan, who, to me, seems the most like Anne of all her children.

    I wonder why we think Jerry is going to be a minister? Is that ever mentioned anywhere?

  2. Gem said:
    "I don't believe it was ever mentioned, but because Mr. Meredith is a minister, sons take after fathers...
    I can't see Jerry as a minister, though. He's too sarcastic!
    From what I've read, I see him as a tough, (somewhat) unsympathetic, (sometimes) sarcastic fellow, who does have a kind, caring heart underneath his mocking exterior. It's mentioned many times that he's very intelligent, but as there's no *evidence* of it in RV, I'll believe what LMM says.

  3. Elouise82 Says:

    I've always thought of Jerry as getting into politics, based on Anne's speech about him to Miss Cornelia and Susan in RV. Also, the fact that he and Nan wrangle and argue over all sorts of mattters in RoI tends to make me lean that way. I think of him as honest and loyal (ok, not exactly like most politicians, but oh well), somewhat domineering over his younger siblings, but protective of them and his father and others whom he loves, a natural leader, and very, very smart and ambitious.

  4. I think that Jerry was a sensible young man, though a bit sarcastic too. He tried to keep some sort of control over his younger siblings. That wasn't an easy job or one that he was really qualified to do.

    I don't think that there is any mention of what profession he planned to go into in the books. We do know that he's the brightest pupil in the Glen School as told be Anne in his defense.

    I think that we tend to put him into the category of ministry (those of us who do) because he seems close to his father: They went hunting together in Rainbow Valley and Mr. Meredith had a "terrible night alone in his study the night that Jerry and Jem went to town." I sometimes think he almost worships him as a son should in Rainbow Valley. Also, it was common for the oldest son to follow in the footsteps of his father, i.e. Jem.

    Whatever, he's a born leader and will do well in whatever job, I believe. He may be argumentative, but some of the best ministers are.

    I will give my reasons for my choice for his profession as "Nan" progresses. That's all I'll say now about that.

  5. jerry's smart. and... handsome?

    closer to jem in personality than walter, since he and walter are the same age? probably because they're the eldest and have leadership qualities.

    logical and interesting to talk to, since he and nan's preferred method of sweethearting involves debating/arguing. he must be a lot like john meredith in intelligence, but much more solidly grounded.