Live Chat

If we were to schedule a live chat, what would be a good time. I know that there is no way that we can find a time when we're all free. However, I would like to get as many people to participate as posisble. I will say that for me, mid December looks bleak because I will be moving. I am thinking that sometime in the new year will be great. Let me know what you think.
6 Responses
  1. Beatle Chic Says:

    Anytime after the holidays would work for me.

  2. Blythetwin Says:

    Early January is also good for me. We need to pick an hour where all time zones can chat.

  3. lovejag Says:

    I'll have to be with you in mind only since I will be incapacitated most of Janurary with major surgery I'm having. Early Feb. probably will be the soonest I will be up for a good chat if we're waiting for after the holidays.

  4. iffie21 Says:

    january sounds pretty good for me too

  5. I'm guessing that it sounds good to me too. I imagine that a weekend will be best. I don't know. Maybe we should have a test run some time?

  6. Elouise82 Says:

    Anytime after the new year is fine for me. Weekends aren't always the best time for me, but I know they work better for most, so I can try to fit it in. A test run sounds like a good idea.