November 24th, 2005 -- Happy Thanksgiving! More features added.
  1. Status: A new status/progress property has been added to each story with the following selectable values: In-Progress (default), and Complete. Please login to update your stories. This will help readers find completed entries and allow authors to differentiate their completed works from incomplete ones.

  2. World: Lord of the Rings category is now a test-bed for new story property called "world". LOTR currently has 3 selectable worlds: book, movie, and alternate. In the case with LOTR, the movie can be vastly different from the book and the stories reflect that discourse. This new property is designed to allow writers/readers of these different but similar worlds to coexist peacefully and separately within a single category. If successful, we will expand its usage to other mega-categories. LOTR story authors should login to make sure every entry has the proper world label.
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