Literature as Escapism

I saw a news report yesterday where someone was saying that the bombings in London would be good for the entertainment industry because people tend to go to the movies more during such times as a type of escapism. I won't even go into the thoughts that ran through my mind after hearing such comments (as this is supposed to be a non-political blod per my own rule), but it did make me think. I began to wonder how many of us, as we tend to be a literate group of people use literature and fan fiction as a sort of escape from our daily lives and the world in which we live?
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    I don't know if it is excatly an escape, I know that it can make you feel better (or worse). A couple years ago I was really sick and I had to stay on bedrest for like six weeks so I reread all of my Anne books and it made me feel a lot better. People probably do use it as an escape from this reality to another one, but eventually you had better come back out.