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When you gals write your fics, do you have a rough outline first? Do you know pretty much what's going to happen or do you wait for the ideas to come to you? I'm more of the latter -- which is probably why I get writer's block so often. Those lightning bolt AHA! moments are sometimes slow in coming! But mostly I am writing and something just strikes me. Like for my Juliet's Path story -- the idea of the war widows just hit me. I didn't even think about them until that moment -- and I was going to make them two old ladies. It was something I didn't plan and ended up being one of the biggest parts of the story!

I guess I'm just curious because I'm suffering writer's block on ALL THREE stories I'm working on at the moment. I know what I want to happen in each, I just don't know how to connect the dots to get there!
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  1. Yes and no actually. I don't really like to start a story without knowing what will happen. Someitimes I outline things, sometimes I don't. Writer's Block still attacks because I don't know that exact words to express what I've planned, or I 've forgotten them. Life gets in the way a lot, but that's okay because life is worth living, and also gives you more to write about.

    I have an entire outline and character description for a series of at least three books. Parts have been written, parts haven't. Will I ever finish? I don't know. I haven't worked on it in a long time. I'm having too much fun writing ff's.

    I also don't always stay with the outline. Here's one for "Once of Ingleside" that I made in September of last year:

    "Outline for the rest of “Of Ingleside.”

    I. Getting reacquainted.
    A. Una spends time with Faith and Rilla.
    1. The girls slowly begin to question Una about the past and the future.
    2. Una evades their questions as best as possible.
    B. Una spends time with Hope.
    1. Due to her relationship with Hope, Una spends time with Walter.
    2. Una and Walter become the close friends they once were.
    a. They discuss the scars of war.
    b. They talk of the house on the hill being so nice yet empty.
    II. The advent of Mary Vance Douglas
    A. The Douglasses return to Glen St. Mary after being away on business.
    B. Mary notices the special relationship between Una and Hope. Walter doesn’t mind it either. He thinks Hope needs as much maternal support as possible.
    III. Exposed
    A. Samson Bell the missionary comes to meet his intended bride’s family, the Merediths.
    B. Shirley and Rebecca, Diana and Jack, and Nan and Jerry all announce that they are expecting the coming year.
    C. The family quickly dislikes Mr. Bell who gives his views on everything from the war to childrearing.
    D. Walter and Rilla are the most shocked by his appearance.
    IV. Jealousy
    A. Walter goes away on business and to get away from things a while and comes back in the company of Persis Ford who has been traveling the world as a magazine photographer.
    B. Everyone thinks that Persis and Walter are a couple.
    C. The children like Persis, but Una more.
    V. Miracles and More
    A. Rilla gives birth to twin girls, Leslie and Katie on Christmas.
    B. Walter begins to have feelings again for Una, but dismisses them as friendship.
    C. Walter is plagued by guilt and conflicting feelings.
    VI. Spring’s Children
    A. With the coming birth of so many children, Anne, Walter, and the children go for an extended visit in Avonlea.
    B. After Hope makes a remark about missing Una, and Walter agrees but mentions how they’ll have to get used to her being away, Shirley tells Walter that he is the one who has to put a stop to Una’s wedding, and that he supports him all the way.
    C. Joshua Carl and Nathan Gerald Meredith are born. Laura Diana Wright is born. Charles Blake Blythe is born on May 25, 1927.
    VII. The Valley of Decision
    A. Armed with Shirley’s words, Walter must make a decision.
    B. Una continues preparing for her marriage.
    C. Walter has talk with Mr. Meredith then Rilla. “Blind! Blind!”
    D. Walter finds Una in the church, looking at the tablet, crying.
    VII. I am Alive!
    A. Walter is enraged that the tablet still hangs. He pulls it down and smashes it on the ground. “I am alive!”
    B. Una tells him to start living then. He suggests she do the same and not cower to Samson. “You deserve more.”
    C. They profess their love.
    D. Walter gives Mr. Bell what he deserves.
    VIII. June Flowers
    A. A wedding takes place; the wedding of Walter and Una.
    B. They move to the House of the Hill with Tenny and Hope. They name it “Hope’s landing”.
    IX. A Peek into the Future."

    No matter what, I have to do what feels right, and if it doesn't feel right for a while, I'll sit back, read, enjoy life, and the inspiration will come back eventually.

  2. and then there was always that alternate ending I wanted to use....

  3. Beatle Chic Says:

    Hello, I'm new here. I have a Anne ff that I'm working on for

    To answer your question, I rarely outline a story on paper. Sometimes, I'll outline a chapter just to help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish. Usually I have an idea of what I want to happen to get to my end result. (I work backwards some times.) I know how I want it to end, it's getting there that's rough, but then other ideas come to you and it adds a twist to the story. I think writer's block happens to all writers, but that time is to be used to sit back, relax, and don't think about it for awhile. That's when the ideas will hit you. I'll make post-it notes of things I want to happen in the story so I don't forget them. But, that's me. Every writer thinks and writes differently. So, you have to go with your intuition on things. Hope that helps some.