Anne's Book

I like to think that Anne published a book either before her marriage to Gilbert (Like while she was teaching in Summerside) or in its early days.  I guess I get that idea from AoGG the Sequel, though I don't use either the second or third movies to base much of anything.  Anyway, I know that in "Anne's House of Dreams," she tells Owen Ford that she had written some things for children, and that was mentioned a few other places.  I just elaborated there a bit.

"From: ruby gillis ()

Sigh! This story is one of the best I've read on this, if not THE best. What a creative idea! I've passed from starting to like Katie to really loving her. And the idea of Anne writing a book! And Walter coming so close is absolutely chilling. I actually shivered when I read it."
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  1. geeruby Says:

    Just so you know, I've read the chapter about four more times today and love it even more each time. Chilling -- yet warm and funny and touching and a thousand other adjectives. I feel bad gushing like this but I am really so impressed.

  2. I don't mind the gushing, really. I think I do that over a lot of your works. I really appreciate it because I wasn't sure if it was very good or not. I was afraid it was more or less filler.

  3. geeruby Says:

    To be completely honest, Walter was never one of my favorite characters, especially in RoI. He just seemed so otherwordly and poetic ALL the time -- I'm more of Jem and Shirley kind of girl. Plus, I always thought, in RoI, that he and Rilla's close, close kinship seemed rather forced. It seemed, at times, like he condescended to her.

    But I am starting to really like Walter, now, because of your stories. LMM wasn't able to gain my sympathy for him but you are, by showing me the tiny details of his life after the war, and that he had more than one facet to his persona. I can't wait to read more.