Missed FF's

I was pondering things the way I often do, and wanted to say that I've missed not seeing any updates from several ff's lately. I would love to see another chapter of the following fanfictions. Of course, I understand that time and inspiration have to be available, but I just want you to know that I still look for these works though they're in no special order.

Another Day Without You

Una of Redmond (I know Una Meredith's plate is full this summer, and that I think she's in Mexico, but I still like it and have to say I miss it.)

The Minister's Daughter

Wind, Sand, and Stars

Child of Idlewild

Anne of the Glen

Back to Green Gables

Keeping the Faith
Those are just the ones off the top of my head. Like I said before, I'm not trying to bug anyone, just saying I like these and hope that someday they'll be updated.
5 Responses
  1. Una Meredith Says:

    Hi, Adrienne, and thank you. I'm glad you like my fic so much that you miss it. I'm still in the US and will be until July 1st, but my plate is very full as you said and I am also having my own little romance right now, and so between studying and spending time with the new guy in my life, I've had little time for anything else. Also, my concentration is not so good right now. ;)

  2. LOL! Oh those guys can really distract us, huh? Of course, they can also inspire us as well. Good luck with all your endeavors, Una Meredith. We'll keep patient here.

  3. geeruby Says:

    Of course we will!

    I really miss Back to Green Gables and Terreis! I wish she would update more frequently -- she is a kindred spirit and I miss her stories.

  4. lovejag Says:

    Thank you Adrienne, I'm glad to know someone is missing the story. Updates will have to wait since I'm going to be on vacation starting tomorrow morning and will be gone until July 3rd. I'm planning though to bring a notebook and write down scenes so I can type them up when I get home.

    I'll stop in once in awhile to say hi since this isn't a sightseeing vacation and will have internet access once in awhile at my brother's home.

  5. DylanLeeLo Says:

    I have plans for mine I swear I do. Just at the moment my mind and minutes are full of reviewing for examsssssssss. I still am reading everybody elses updates though. They're helping me study for my canadian history exam ;) ;). I am missing a lot of those stories too though; hopefully everyone will get back one track. I am honestly starting to sympathise with readers of the olden days when more stuff was published in installments..It's torture!