An Irritating Review

The following is a review I had the displeasure to read today.  I know I need to edit more, but I'm always more excited to get out a new chapter than edit, so I don't really mind that.  What I do mind is being told to decide which century to write about.  This person obviously doesn't know enough about history to be a real critic. She also doesn't realize that when I put something like that in a ff, I spend a great deal of time checking facts and researching cultural references throughout history.

Anyway, I've spent my spare time at work this morning researching the advent of cola. Pepsi was trademarked in Canada in 1906. Cola was very popular, and it wasn't uncommon to find such items on a train, though it wasn't an everyday item like it now. Somewhere at home, I think that I still have a videotape of the History Channel's History of Cola of whatever.

Anyway, I wanted to rant.

From: mary ()

overall its not too bad. A bit of editing wouldn't go astray, typos, missed words and things like that. Also, i believe that that line about marigolds and eyes is what you'd call a mixed metaphor, there are a few more of these scattered through the story. my biggest problem with this story though forces me to make this one request: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DECIDE WHICH CENTURY YOU'RE WRITING ABOUT.Sharing a cola on the train is not something that probably would have happened in the Canadian backwaters in the early C20th. even if cola had been invented then.

Also, I would like to add Irish Princess's review and defense. Thank you very much. I appreciate your support.

From: IrishPrincess ( )

Cola had been invented by then. Coca-Cola dates back to 1886.
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  1. Una Meredith Says:

    I hate it when people incorrectly tell you you are historically inaccurate. Coca-Cola is definitely not a new thing. In fact, it actually had cocaine in it until 1902, I believe, and was used for headache medicine. Why wouldn't it be available on a train?

  2. Of course the cola had een invented! That's the most absurd review ever! It has no real relevance to your story.

  3. Oh I know. I don't mind people pointing things out when I am incorrect, but when I know I'm not, I just get a bit irritated.

    The thing that I find most ironic is that this person is telling me so many incorrect things about subjects I know a lot about.

    I'm trying to decide whether to keep the review or have it removed since it is anonymous.

  4. Ingrid Says:

    get rid of it, they are just being ridiculous

  5. That was an irritating review, which is why I added my two cents. I came pretty close to telling the anonymous review to chill out, but decided that she wasn't worth it. If she wanted to offer constructive criticism, that would be fine, but there's no reason to be hostile and rude. Pay no attention to her, Adrienne.

  6. geeruby Says:

    The first thing I do every morning is check and see if you've updated. This chick mary is so blah.

    The only thing worse than historical inaccuracy in stories is when people point out historical inaccuracies that AREN'T THERE.

  7. I do the same about updates. Anyway, I think that review should be gone now. My continues, and finally thoughts are churning in my head again about what to write of. Now, I just need time.