FF's in other languages

Have you ever tried to read a ff that was written in a lauguage other than English? This evening, I've been trying to read one of Andrea1984's ff's curtesy of babelfish and google translators. It's a very difficult think to do because the computers can't translate all the words and they don't rearrange the sentence structure to the one we are accustomed to. It gives me a headache to try to read them, yet I occasinally try to in order to see what others like. Reading these translations also gives me memories of Linguistics class. Anyway, if you don't mind a bit of confusion and are curious, you can use google to translate entire webpages if you want to read some new ff's.
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    I tried to do that Adrienne and it was crazy... I tried to read this one about Rilla and I think Anne and Gilbert died from the Flu but it was really really hard to make sense of it. It was kinda interesting but I think it is going to just be one of those things that get lost in translation. I did try to read the French one though because I can kinda speak french, that was pretty interesting. but it has been years since I've spoken it so I really need to brush up on that.