Anne's Appeal

Here is another question that I've taken from the tickled orange site:

Anne holds a distinctive draw for children as well as adults? How do you characterize the power she holds over the reader? Why, if Anne was created for adolescents, does she continue to appeal strongly to adults?
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  1. geeruby Says:

    I think it's probably because she grows with us through the series. Also, she like most LMM heroines, are strong and brave and good but not TOO good. We can identify.

    A lot of LMM's jokes and stuff you don't get until you're older, too. Or at least I didn't!

  2. I did some research on this topic and wrote an article for a small publication (a journal put out by the Missouri Association of School Librarians). I'd be glad to share it with anyone who is interested.

  3. iffie21 Says:

    I hope that you will post it Irish Princess, I would be interested in reading it.

  4. I would like to read it also. This is something that interests me a great deal.

    Personally, I think one of the reasons we like the Anne series even after we grow up is that as the series progresses, we get to grow up alongside Anne and also her children.

    I remembering reading Anne of the Island several times while I was in college. There are many things I understood better then. Now, I like to read Anne's House of Dreams in the same manner.

    I think a lot of people don't like how the later books focus more on the Blythe Children rather than Anne. It may not be what everyone likes, but when you have children, you DO sort of fade into the background. Your life starts to sort of evolce around them. It shouldn't completley, but it does happen.

    I'm okay with that and accept that it's sort of the circle of life, which in turn greatens the appeal to me. I love multi-generational sagas, and seeing how families change yet stay the same.

    Also, the Anne stories provide us with many characters that we can relate to. From Diana Barry to Mary Vance, we see so many different people, and I love that as well.

    Also, I can open any book of the Anne series and find pages that will both make me laugh and cry. Those are the best kind of stories.

  5. I agree with everything in your last post, Adrienne.

    I think it would be easier for me to e-mail the article to anyone who is interested rather than posting it. If you'd like for me to send it to you, e-mail me at