Update has finally put a new message on the start page. Unfortunatley, it doesn't explain why the site was down a great deal of the past week. It does seem that tomorrow night it will go down again, and when we login Monday, things will be drastically different:

"June 4th, 2005 -- On June 5th, Sunday, at 10PM US PST, FanFiction.Net will be read-only mode with reviewing and story submission disabled. Staff will take this time to make drastic changes to the login area with many improvements targeting ease-of-use.

The upgrade was originally intended for May 20th but delayed due the amount of work that had to be done. We are essentially rewriting/recreating 80% of the site and the task has taken longer than expected.

Our goal for the site has always been to make the complex simple and the new upgrade will hopefully push the site closer to our vision. However, we would like to warn long time members that majority of the changes are quite different to what some of you have grown accustomed to. We encourage everyone to login on Monday with an open mind."
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