new chapter of Rilla-my-Rilla!

In between moving and work I somehow found time to post another chapter of RmR. I don't know the next time it will happen.

I've been enjoying all you guys' updates lately! Keep on, keep on.
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  1. Hey, I know how crazy it is trying to work and move. I really enjoyed the last chapter. Like I said in the review, I haven't always liked Gertrude in RoI. I think her part could have been used by Nan, Di, or even Una to some extent, but somehow she DOES belong. Anyway, I like the way you've portrayed her. Keep up the good work.

  2. geeruby Says:

    Thanks -- we actually got "evicted" (CRAZY landlady. We didn't do anything wrong) so we've had almost no notice before we had to move. And my new place has a bit of a bug problem...ugh.

    I'm sorry you've been having a rough time lately. You're in my thoughts, believe me.

    Isn't it weird that most of us will probably never meet? Yet we really have become invested in each other? I like that.

  3. iffie21 Says:

    that was a lovely new chapter Ruby! I hope that you can update soon. I am sorry that you had such a crazy landlady, sometimes I wonder where people like that come from! Bugs! Ugh! I hope that you can get rid of them soon! Here I have a big ant problem and I hate ants! For some strange reason they seen to love my clothes closet....

  4. LOL! It looks like we're all having a rough time of it in our own ways. I'm fine though I do want to thank everyone for their well-wishes.

    I do think it's neat and weird that none of us will probably ever meet, but I do like how we've become interested in each other's lives.

    As for the bugs, we had a gnat problem when we first moved in. It was gross, but we had to hand fly strips close to lights to catch them. For most house-bugs, I would suggest buying some Ortho Home Defense spray for the inside. That'll kill a lot of bugs. I HATE bugs!

  5. geeruby Says:

    Thanks, you guys. :)