The Summer Between: Chapter 13

Since for some reason won't let me sign in to review there, I'll do it here.  It was wonderful reading this chapter!  I can't wait to read more!  I do hope that Ruth and the baby are both ok, and I JUST realized who the Wentworths are!  I love, love, love Persuasion, but it just never registered in my feeble little mind.

I worry that Tryg or someone close to him is ill, but I'm amused at how Gwen can now barely tolerate Oliver's presence at all.  It's a far cry from how things once were.  I like Hayden and Ava more and more, and can't wait to see the completion of their story.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I saw that review submissions were down on, which was a relief. I was starting to worry that everyone had really hated this chapter!

    I must confess to basing a lot of Gwen's feelings toward Oliver on my own experience as a teenager. No matter how good of a friend a boy was, as soon as there was any inkling that either he "liked" me or thought I might have a crush on him, I couldn't stand to even be around him. Poor Oliver!

    I wanted to make the Austen connection fairly subtle with Hay and Ava. I couldn't resist sneaking it in there, but I wanted it to be the sort of thing where you could enjoy their characters without ever having a clue about Persuasion. Ava is sort of what I imagine Captain Wentworth would have been like as a female :-)

  2. I also didn't get the Wentworth thing, but now that I do, I love it. Ava is like I imagine Anne Elliot would have been if she hadn't had such a shitty family. Her dutifulness to her family would have worked much better.

    I like that I have no idea at this point what's going to happen with Gwen's love life. It's a problem I see in a lot of fanfic, especially my own...the romance is telegraphed too early on and the tension falls flat for the rest of the story. Even when romance isn't the POINT of the story...the lack of tension there can kill things. You don't have that and I'm glad and looking forward to the answer!