Brave Batalion

This week I happened upon a military writer who  has written many books about the Canadian experiences in WWI and WWII.  First off, I'm reading "Brave Battalion,"  by Mark Zuehlke and taking notes for my Nan stories.  Then I plan on eventually reading almost all of his other other military books to give me inspiration and information for TTTT.

I am highlighting and note-taking like crazy on this thing.  I have dates of departure, time spent at Valcartier, time spent at Salisbury Plain, and other facts that will come in very handy, especially in letters from Jerry and Jem to Nan and Co.

I have a feeling that once I finally finish Nan's stories, I'll have to rewrite my others some time too.
2 Responses
  1. Elouise82 Says:

    This looks fascinating - and being the mystery buff I am, I think his mystery series looks great, too. Too many good books to read!

  2. Adrienne Says:

    I am absolutely loving this! As I'm reading it, I'm going over Rilla of Ingleside too, making notes on both, so I can use the information for my Nan stories. It's bring things like the chapter "In the Days of Langemark" seem just so much more. I'm really understanding why exactly things were just as they were, even from Walter's ejaculation of "Oh my God, no!" to Susan when she discussed being gassed.

    I know a lot about WWI, but it's very interesting following the Canadians, rather than the French, British, or late-coming Americans.