Found at last: the perfect Marshall.

I want to say that while looking up some of the characters that Adrienne posted, to see what they'd been in, I found my perfect pick for Marshall Douglas, FINALLY. It's Matthew Goode:

And because he can't be married to a magazine cover, I am going to pick young Liv Tyler as my final answer for Cecilia:

I think she looks like she could be the daughter of Shirley and Una. Woo and hoo! Thanks, Adrienne!
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think that picture of Liv actually looks remarkably like the magazine covers you'd picked! (minus the differences in hairstyles, of course) And Marshall--I think I would recognize him anywhere. Walking down the street, I'd stop and shriek, "It's Marshall!" Which would actually be quite embarrassing, come to think of it ...

  2. I sometimes see people and say to myself, "that's a perfect so and so!" Then these complete strangers wonder why I'm staring at them.

    Matthew Goode is a very "good" Marshall!!

    OK, I think I've lived with Bart so long his bad jokes are rubbing off on me.