Anne makes a discovery!

I have the latest chapter of Where the Brook and River Meet up on ( and not to give anything away, but it contains a similar idea to one Adrienne used in her first version of TTTT... I wanted to post mine here, and say that I hope they are different enough so she's not offended and doesn't feel encroached upon. Adrienne, if it is, let me know, and I will revise it with no hard feelings. I wanted to re-read TTTT before I posted but couldn't because it's not up anymore. Let me know.

And because all the cool kids are doing it, I wanted to post some pictures for other characters in WTB&RM.

Blythe Meredith: Teddy Dunn

Manon Delaroux Meredith: Julia Stiles

Lee Goddard: Gareth Lewis

Nancy Blythe: Rachel McAdams

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  1. I LOVE it! My only question is the obvious age discrepancies, because I would have thought of Lee's mother being more the age of Anne's children, even though her father was younger than Anne's.

    I cannot wait for Anne to meet her aunt.

    Oh, how I love Rachel McAdams for Nancy!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think it's amazing that both you and Adrienne can take the same concept and do such completely different things with it--makes me think of something one of my favorite authors once said, about writing stories being like taking a journey to the same destination: there's only so many ways to go, but each person's trip is going to be unique to him or her.

    And Julia Stiles is perfect for Manon, and I love Rachel McAdams for Nancy!

  3. Connie Says:

    Because Walter Shirley's brother (Leona's father) was so much younger than him, I think the ages work if we assume that he had had Lee's mother late in life. I broke it down in my head like this:

    Walter Shirley (Anne's father)(b. 1846)
    Archibald Shirley (Anne's Uncle) (b. 1853)

    Anne was born in 1866 or thereabouts. If Archibald was old when Lee's mother Leona was born (in his 40s, which I guess I'm calling "old" now) Leona could have been born as late as the 1880s or 1890s. If Leona was born in 1890, she would be in her sixties when she meets Anne, just a few years older than Anne. And then if Leona had Lee at age 40, he'd be about thirty when the story starts. Does that make sense at all? I hope it does and I'm not missing something, because it was hard to work this out! I have a rudimentary family tree worked out and I'll go into detail in the next chapter, when Anne visits her family in Daviston.

    I'm so glad you guys liked this. I very rarely get teary over my own work, but when I pictured Anne realizing that she wasn't an orphan anymore, I got choked up. I think she deserves it--especially since Gilbert has died, and her children are grown up now, with their own lives. I wanted her to have something new.

  4. OK. I get it now. Sometimes I'm such a visual person that I have to see something in order to "get" it.