My Future Fics

All right, I'll jump on the bandwagon here as well. I have several non-LMM fanfics in the works, but here are the ones I'm working on/contemplating for this category.

Shirley of Avonlea:
Complete. I am very proud of this work, and thrilled it was so well-received.

Diana of the Island: Still only an outline, but this will chronicle Di's life from the time she leaves NY to--well, several years down the road.

Joanna of Green Gables: Dealing with Shirley's children, especially Joanna, from about age ten to age fourteen, when the war starts. Jane Stuart will play a rather prominent role in this one.

I am currently working on a Magic for Marigold/Emily of New Moon fic, but I have yet to come up with a good title for that, and it's moving along quite slowly (I will be happy to take any suggestions for a good title--I stink at them). I am forcing myself to finish that before I start Di's story. I've also got a WWII fic planned revolving around Anne's grandchildren.

And that's it for now!
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    I love Marigold and was hardly satisfied by the ending! I want more!! (I am so demanding today!)

  2. I am very, very interested in Diana of the Island and Joanna of Green Gables. I hope to see them soon.

    BTW, my word verification is rather obscene. Just sharing!