SPOILER ALERT!!! Who Should Have Inherited the Jug? SPOILER ALERT!!!


I've been thinking and thinking about a question to post because it's
been a little while since I've done so. Anyway, I was wondering (for
those of you who've read "A Tangled Web") who should have inherited the
jug? Who were you rooting for to get it throughout the book and why?

6 Responses
  1. geeruby Says:

    Joselyn and Hugh wouldn't have wanted it, but I was rooting for them. What need have they of Aunt Becky's jug?

    I guess I'd say Gay. She would have sincerely loved to have it. Or else Peter or something, because it would have been funny for him to have it! Can't you see Peter carting the old Dark jug around the wilds of Africa?

  2. geeruby Says:

    I just thought, perhaps this should be behind a spoiler or something, because not everyone on here has read A Tangled Web...maybe you could tell everyone who hasn't read to not click the comments? I'd hate for that book to be ruined, it's so good.

  3. iffie21 Says:

    it would be funny for Peter to had inhereted the jug, though he would have just given it to Donnna because he thought that she wanted it so badly.

    Gay probably would have really appreciated it.

    I wonder if Maud ever had an idea of who should have gottten the jug or if she decided to just leave it up to us, the lucky or unlucky readers who can only guess.

  4. geeruby Says:

    I'm actually OK with how it turned out. I think the jug sounds terrible.

  5. geeruby Says:

    It would be funny if, at the end of the year, the family had learned that Aunt Becky had had the jug buried with her!

  6. iffie21 Says:

    that would have been funny if it was buried with her.... and the jug goes to Aunt Becky!!! (the jug description did sound very ugly--it wasn't even in one whole piece)