Chapter 10 of Nan

Here is my very short Chapter 10 of "Nan." It's the conclusion to Chatper 9. Now it's Diana's turn to tell her secrets.

I've also started on the next chapter of BF&M. This one is a Gilly adventure. I'm still figuring out the next chap of C&J. It's got to be pretty good after we last saw our couple riding a train away from the front.
2 Responses
  1. iffie21 Says:

    ah I hope you update C&J soon!

  2. I've been carrying around a little, folded piece of paper that contains the beginnings of my Gilly chapter. I started it at work yesterday, basically because I forgot to save my Nan chapter on my yahoo briefcase so I could add to it at work, and well... I guess that I should write a bit!