Ansering a Chatterbox Question

This question was posted a number of days ago in our chatterbox. I will answer to the best of my ability, but I have limited knowledge. For those who know more, please comment.

rachel (aka melrose plant ) [12:10:11 AM]
Love reading LMM fanfic. Anyone have anything ( or know of anything ) on a.) Blue Castle ( personal fav ) or Dean Priest ( from ENM>?) Much appreciated. Will keep checking back. Pleasant sight

As far as I know, there aren't many Blue Castle fics. One failry decent one is titles, "Without Moonlight." Here is the link:

As of right now, I can't think of anything focusing on Dean Priest, but my knowledge there is very limited.
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  1. geeruby Says:

    I feature Dean in my Emily's Path story (his romance with Little Elizabeth from AoWP). He also make appearances in the Juliet stories.

    Sorry I haven't been posting much, I started law school this week and I am so , so tired.

  2. Of course! I don't know why that didn't cross my mind! We do miss you here, Ruby. However, we wish you the best of luck in law school. Make us proud!