I've Finished "The Blue Castle"

I finished reading "The Blue Castle" today, and I loved it! I absolutley loved it! I may like it even more than, gasp, Anne. Okay, maybe not more, but it's very good. Does anyone know of any good fanfics related to it?
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  1. geeruby Says:

    I've never read any. Perhaps you need to write one, Miss Adrienne? I know I'd love to read it.

    I'm so glad you liked it.

  2. geeruby Says:

    Oh, and isn't Barney fantastic?

  3. Barney is fantastic, and I relate a lot to Valancy. I may write a BC fanfic someday, but I will have to get to know the story a little better. I'm not sure where to start - maybe Barney's point of view or something in the end. I'll have to think it over a long time before I get started. I think I would have to write out a timeline before I started it.

  4. geeruby Says:

    I've thought for a long time about having Bertha Wright (Di's daughter in my Cecilia fic) marry a Snaith. :)

  5. That could prove very interesting. We don't much of anything about Bertha. Is she even mentioned much in your second Cecilia story?

  6. geeruby Says:

    I think I mentioned towards the end, while Cecilia was overseas, that she had moved to Montreal to be a theatre actress. I've always thought of doing a fic where Bertha goes on a search for information about the first Bertha, and the stories of Anne's mother and grandaughter are told simultaneously. Perhaps after my Marilla fic.

  7. I guess that I must have missed it. I was too caught up in Cecilia's story. I think that the Bertha fic would be wonderful. Only a talented writer such as yourself could pull off such a feat.

  8. I think I'll take a peak at Cecilia of Red Apple Farm again. :)
    And again.

  9. geeruby Says:

    Just like I do OoI. Can't wait for an update for C&J...

  10. Well, I am workig on that now, though not well. I'm trying to do enough research on transport ships and such to make it seem real.

  11. Okay, actually I had to take a Gilmore Girls break even though I've seen that episode and had it downloaded before I last reformated my computer.

  12. geeruby Says:

    I fear I might die before they start up the next season. Have you read any spoilers? WHAT DOES LUKE SAY?

  13. According to spoilerfix.com which is my best sourse for spoilers, this is all I know:

    " 07/06 - Filming begins July 20. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TVGuide

    06/29 - From Amy Sherman-Palladino: "Rory faces her new life away from Yale, away from Lorelai, and living with the Gilmores. And Luke answers Lorelai's proposal." Source: Ask Ausiello @ TVGuide"

    I hope Luke says yes, of course, and I am about to die to see how everything turns out. I think I may have to pull up the finale tonight when I get home and rehash just for fun.

  14. The Blue Castle is just so much....more than Anne. At least to me. Maybe because its her "grown up" novel, I feel so much more for it.

    God, Barney is WONDERFUL.