Computer Ills

I came home today with the intetion of working on the next chapter of "Comfort and Joy." Unfortunatley, I cannot turn on my computer. The electrical company was working on our area's service this morning, and I fear they fried my HP. I'm on my husband's laptop now, but everything on mine is on my tower. I hope that being married to an electrical engineer will pay off, and he will be able to fix it when he comes home later. However, until then, I will not be ablt to update much of anything. Keep your fingers crossed.........
2 Responses
  1. Technology is so frustrating sometimes!

  2. Yes it is. It appears that when the dear people from Entergy were working on the lines around here, a surge made it through the cheap surge protector we were using (and hand been meaning to replace) and blew out my power supply. Bart will go look around town for one tomorrow, but if he can't find one, he'll just order it off of the net. Hopefully, I'll be up and running normally again in a week or so. Thankfully, we still have one good computer, and I have a great one at work so I won't be completley out of touch.