I'm back! I just spent a week in the Florida keys without internet and I found myself thinking of you all in the weirdest places. While driving through SC I wondered what would happen to Katie and Johnny...while laying on the beach I wondered what Faith would do next with the Lilac Story Club...falling asleep at night I imagined the tunes for Dylan Lothian's RoI lyrics.

I also did quite a lot of thinking about my fics as well and will try to get something up soon. I'm quitting smoking on Sunday and I'm either going to go comatose and not touch my computer or throw myself into my work to get my mind off of the PAIN. We'll see.

Anyway...I missed you!
2 Responses
  1. Again, welcome back! I hope you succeed in the big smoke out.

  2. geeruby Says:

    Thanks. I've tried before but this time I really want to quit!