Cordelia and Geraldine, anyone?

I was unpacking books today and stumbled across an old copy of Anne of Green Gables -- of course I sat down to read it for the 400th time and forgot about everything else. I laughed and laughed over it -- even though I'd read it so many times before, it was like there were things I still had never really noticed.

For instance, when Anne tells Marilla to call her Cordelia, because Anne is such an unromantic name -- that got me wondering, because Anne ends up naming her own daughter Anne! I know where she gets the Diana -- and it's nice to have the twins named Anne and Di because it pays a nice homage to Anne Shirley and Diana Barry's friendship -- still, what a pity LMM didn't get use those fancy names Anne loved so much for her girls!
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    that is funny, but I think Anne learns love her name. Remember when Diana told her to live to make her name beautiful? And how she used to love Josie and Gertie but after knowing Josie Pye she didn't like the name anymore? I think she lived to make her name beautiful. Isn't that why would name your daughter Anne? Because its a beautiful name to use because of LMM

  2. srah Says:

    Maybe Gilbert had a say in getting one of them named Anne. :)

  3. I agree that maybe Gilbert had a say in it. My husband has talked of wanting a daughter named Adrienne, though I would rather not.

    You have to remember that there is already an Anne Cordelia Wright, though reusing names isn't unheard of.

    I think that at this place in Anne's life, she's very happy and content. She no longer hates her name so, and there is a special meaning in naming both girls Anne and Diana.

    Besides, who is to say, (other than those of us who have in ff's) that the twins' middle names aren't Geraldine and Cordelia. :)

  4. geeruby Says:

    Oh, they're so going to be now!

    I know what you all mean, but my eleven-year-old self (I am always eleven when I read AoGG) always feels bad for Nan. I remember being horrified when I first read AoI -- such a PLAIN NAME!

    I think Anne is a lovely name -- but then, unlike Anne Shirley, I always have!

  5. LOL! Don't we all hate our names at some place and time? I remember hating mine because it wasn't plain and common! Those days are long past now, but it's what Anne felt, but exactly the oppisite.