Help Me Name ...

... a house!

Many of you know that I plan to rewrite my Meggie of Green Gables series, take away all the LMM references, and publish them as original novels. I have a fresh setting ... the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands (my dad's family is from Clayton, along the St Lawrence on the American side, so I have family roots in that area, and it's also a whole lot closer and more accessible for me to visit than PEI, to get a feel for the setting). I have fresh names for the Blythes (and also eliminated some of the periphery characters ... weep, weep!). I've even already planned to split Weeping May Tarry into two books, since it stands right now at over 100,000 words and still feels rushed in parts. The plots of all the books will stay mostly the same, since they are not reliant on Anne at all, and I've already made notes on where they will need adapting.

What I don't have? A name for the new "Green Gables"!

It needs to be something a little old-fashioned, definitely comfortable and homey feeling, but not cheesy or trite or eye-rolling-inducing. That's not too much to ask, right?

Unfortunately, I'm almost as bad at coming up with house names as I am with book titles - which is to say, really bad. So any suggestions from my fellow LMM fans would be so helpful!

Need added incentive? If I pick your suggestion, I'll name a character in the first book for you!

And ... go!
5 Responses
  1. Describe New Green Gablesn and where it is for me just a bit...

  2. Louise Bates Says:

    Oh yeah, I suppose that WOULD be helpful!

    It's an L-shaped house with a big front porch, in size and shape somewhat like this: Painted white with dark smokey-blue trim and black shutters. You can see the water in the distance (an easy bicycle ride, but definitely a hike if walking), but it's not right on top of it. Near the village, but not in it. It is a working farm, so there are barns and fields, and plenty of trees surrounding the house itself. There's a gently sloping front yard, flower gardens in the front, and a vegetable garden out back. Oh, and a wishing well in the front yard.

    Inside is old-fashioned but neat and tidy, very simple. Plain wooden furniture, crocheted and knitted throws on the chairs/sofas, a large and sunny kitchen, small, poorly-lit bedrooms upstairs, creaking/uneven floors, and an unfinished attic which is stifling in summer, freezing in winter, stuffy year-round, and with a sloped ceiling.

    Um, that's what I've got for description so far! Need anything else?

  3. Cath Says:

    What about something like Tanglewood? As an homage to this here blog? ;)

  4. Cath Says:

    This is a fabulous idea, by the way! I wonder if I could rewrite any of mine. We have a lot of little islands along the Outer Banks that might work for a setting!

  5. Louise Bates Says:

    Cathy, the only difficulty with Tanglewood is that I'm already using it for "Aunt Di" and "Uncle Patrick's" house!

    And I would love to see any of your stories rewritten and published as originals!