Letter Game: Elizabeth Blythe

Elizabeth Blythe, daughter of Jem and Faith:

Morgan Turner 

Loves reading and mathematics, dreams of becoming a world traveler and college professor. Prefers animals to people, book friends and logic problems to real relationships. Mostly practical, but does like to lose herself in dreams occasionally. Very close to her father, Grandfather Blythe, and Grandmother Meredith, and enthralled by her grandmother's stories of Katherine Brooke, explorer and adventurer.

I'd love to see what the rest of you have for your characters so far!
9 Responses
  1. Cath Says:

    Perfect! Does she and her family live at Ingleside? What are her siblings like?

  2. Cath Says:

    P.S.: Did we decide the girls' ages? 13? Can Olivia's birthday come first, at the start of the school year (September?) I'm already planning her first letter. :)

  3. Louise Bates Says:

    Yes, they live at Ingleside (which can be a trial to her, since she often feels that her practicality and fondness for mathematics is a disappointment to her Grandmother Blythe, who always talks about how different Elizabeth is from Little Elizabeth Grayson), and Elizabeth likes the Glen but feels a little stifled there, especially since most of her friends and classmates are only interested in boys and fun, and she longs to travel and explore and then teach.

    Walt is just barely one year younger than Elizabeth, and while he LOOKS the perfect person to be his uncle's namesake (dark and brooding), he's really full of mischief and fun, and has no interest in poetry at all. Both he and Elizabeth feel like they let the family down sometimes by not living up to the Shirley imagination and passion for beauty. Rosie is eight years old, and very sweet and sunny. (I even have actors in mind for the two of them, if anyone cares to see!)

    13 sounds good; I'm thinking Elizabeth is definitely a November baby.

  4. Cath Says:

    I want to see!

  5. Cath Says:

    So shall we say 1935 for the start of the story?

    Adrienne...any ideas on your character yet? I am dying to know. :)

  6. Cath Says:

    PS: I think it's interesting that both of our girls so far have an element of worrying about disappointing someone they love by being who they are...it will be very fun to see how this works out.

  7. Adrienne Says:

    I'm going to be honest and say that I hadn't even thought about it. Firecracker I think is starting to teeth... Enough said.

  8. Adrienne Says:

    But I think I'm getting more interested and need the distraction. I want Di's kid I think.

  9. Louise Bates Says:

    Cathy, I thought that too - how fun it was that we both had a similar theme without planning it (as well as a role model of sorts outside the family). I'm curious to see how we each work that to a resolution!

    Adrienne, I'm so glad you're getting more interested! This will be so much more fun with three. And good luck with the teething. So not fun. Hyland's Teething Tablets were the only thing that helped provide some relief for our girls, if you're looking for recommendations.