Out of the Shadows

I just posted what is my favorite chapter so far in Season of Song—my favorite because it starts with a scene between Gilbert and Gwen, and I really, really loved showing more interaction between them. Gilbert is such a marvelous character, and as many of us have noted before, he gets hardly any "screen time" in the series, so it was fun to show a really close scene between him and Gwen.

One of the chapters I just finished writing (it won't be published for a bit) featured Rosemary Meredith. I had originally intended for her to be sort of peripheral in it, but suddenly there she was, demanding to have a more central role, and I was really pleased (and a bit surprised) with how it came out. She's another one who has a really promising beginning to her character, but then LMM never goes anywhere with her. We see practically nothing of her in Rilla of Ingleside, except as "Bruce's mother," when one would have thought she and Anne would have been visiting with each other regularly, and helping each other endure their sons' departures (well, step-sons, in Rosemary's case).

It's been so much fun taking some different "sideline" characters in this story (rather than the ones I used in Meggie's tales) and bring them to the front.

Who are some of your favorite seldom-mentioned (in canon) characters to bring to life?
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  1. Phillippa. We hardly hear from her post Anne of the Island. There was sort of a pattern that Anne couldn't have the same best friend from book to book.

    In AofGG, it was Diana. However, Gilbert sort of usurped her place in AofA. In AotI it was more Phil. In Anne of Windy Poplars (and it's been a while since I've read this one) once she is friends with Katherine, she's that book's friend. In AHoD, there's Leslie. Anne of Ingleside was such a hodge podge that it's not clear, but Susan and Miss Cornelia take it. Then we're focused on the kids.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I always felt so sad that we never saw more of Phil. That's actually one of the reasons why I had Di married one of Phil's boys in this story - even though we don't see Phil, it gives me a chance to bring her in at some point, and works with the idea that she and Anne might have stayed close friends, even if LMM didn't show it.