Casting for Inspiration:

Illness and other things have kept me from being able to sit down and write any lately, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking of my characters in Through These Trying Times

Tenny Blythe - Matt Dallas

Maddie MacGowan- Younger Jennifer Garner

    Walt Blythe - Simon Woods

    Hope Blythe - Kelly Reilly

    Gracie Ford- Blythe Dallas Howard

    Wills Darcy - Tom Welling

    Cecilia Meredith - Rachel Bilson

    Gil Ford- Jason Segal

    Nathaniel Meredith- John Krasinski

    Jacob MacGowan-Josh Hartnett

    John Blythe - Adam Gregory

    Lucy McGowan - Jessica Stroup

    Lizzie Darcy - Hayley Atwell

    Hans Weber - Trevor Donovan

    Elliot Douglas - Matt Lanter 

    Bryant Douglas - Zac Efron

    Nelle Douglas - Blake Lively

    8 Responses
    1. Anonymous Says:

      That is one SERIOUSLY good-looking family! ;) I love them all, but the actors for Nathaniel and Cecilia are my favorites. As soon as I saw them, I said Yes! That's them exactly!

    2. I changed a few things and added some more.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      Love it--and I actually think I like Matt Dallas better for Tenny than Tom Welling. As soon as I saw the picture of Dallas, my first thought was that it was Tenny, actually! So I'm glad you changed it.

    4. Connie Says:

      Elliott Douglas is a cuuuuuuutie, and a lot what I imagine my Blythe to look like.

      And of course I love your picks for Tenny and Hope, though for some reason I persist in seeing Tenny as a younger, thinner Colin Firth, given his Darcy heritage.

    5. More like this? http://www.friendsof

    6. Or like this?

      I'm actually trying to move away from Colin Firth from being Darcy because, well just because I am.

    7. Anonymous Says:

      AHHH, Adrienne just committed Pride and Prejudice heresy!!!!!! Off with her head!

      (Just kidding)

    8. Connie Says:

      The second, the second link, but with a little less of the poofy hair!

      I understand what you mean about trying to move away from the P&P version, and I get that, because even in Firth there is a hint of SOMETHING missing. Some dreaminess I expected from Walter's side.