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Ever felt like there were times in your life when work simply swallowed you up? That's how I've been feeling these past few months ... it's like you wake up thinking about all the stuff you have to finish and go home thinking about all the stuff you have to do the next day. But I've decided there's no way I'm going to let things continue this way... so guess what I've started writing Faith's Journey and I thought I'd post a little bit of it the next chapter here in my blog (of course, this is just a draft and it may still change in the next few weeks but it's a start) ... hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 7:


October announced it’s passing with a dizzying array of color. The Quad was decorated with sprays of burnt reds, withered yellows and yes, gleaming lilac. This last could not be found on the magnificent boles of trees but on the proud bosoms of the newest LSC members - that select group of freshettes that aroused huge cheers from the crowd and was envied by all. Well, nearly all.

Faith looked on from the vantage point of her Quartet without a whit of regret. She and Ana were as thick as thieves again, Lulu just as lovable and Phil kept them all laughing with a constant stream of jokes. Faith was getting to know the many of the girls at Blaekers’ and found most quite companionable. Clara Belle gloated insufferably at first but found victory ultimately hollow, as it often is when one’s opponent is oblivious to the sting of defeat.

Meanwhile there were many interesting things to do on campus and in a fine city like Kingport. Freshman year was beginning to take on a semblance of order for Faith – there were crisp afternoons at the football field; ice cream at Mama Alfredo’s, cozy study sessions at the Common Room at Blaekers’. Jerry won the election for Sophomore class president and was busy setting up committees for second year events – but he was never too busy to have long walks and talks with his sister. They talked most often of the Glen for home was never too far away from Faith’s thoughts. She wrote voluminous letters home – fat, breezily funny epistles, full of her small adventures and exploits. Father wrote back, his letters full of philosophical musings and paternal wisdom. Mother Rosemary kept her up to date on all the Glen news. Di wrote about the new Junior principal in the Glen school - Faith was beginning to suspect that she fancied him – and included harrowing accounts of being a country schoolmarm. Nan’s was full of questions about Redmond and news about social doings in the Glen. Nan was getting to be quite a belle, Faith concluded thoughtfully from pictures she had sent of her and Di’s seventeenth birthday. Carl reported that Ingleside’s front lawn was full to bursting with rigs from all over Four Winds and that Geoff North of Blair Water was giving Nan quite the rush.

But maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to Jerry – he always thought North a pompous ass, wrote Carl. I think he and Nan had a row about it and Nan stormed over here to give me a piece of her mind. Talk o’ October chills! Now both of them are put out with me and I haven’t the least idea why. Makes me wish I had stayed over at Queen’s for the weekend.

Faith had to laugh at Carl’s discomfiture. For someone who could identify a hundred different species of bugs and butterflies, he could be surprisingly unobservant when it came to matters of the heart. Faith was quite convinced now that Jerry fancied Nan. He denied it vehemently but his frequent calls to the Glen were made to Ingleside just as often as the Manse. . And for the twins’ birthday, he had sent yellow roses for Di and pink for Nan but Nan’s bouquet had a tiny be-ribboned box tucked in it.
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  1. gem Says:

    Oh, today has suddenly become a good day! you're going to update Faith's Journey! Do, do, do, write that chapter as quickly as possible!

  2. I'm so sorry that I haven't reviewed yet. I love this and have missed it sorely! You must post more regularly! Really, this is too good to let go, and it won't be deleted.