The Things That Inspire Us

We've often mentioned how one thing or another inspires us and becomes our muse in our literary endeavors.  I would like to share with everyone some of the songs that inspire me.  At my personal blog in the sidebar, I have something that looks sort of like an ipod.  If you click on the music note, a song will pop up on the screen.  There are about ten songs there now, and you can look through them and listen to them.  Two of the songs there have served as the inspiration for two chapters of Comfort and Joy.  They are Jesu and How Great Thou Art, both by the great pianist, Jim Brickman.

Though I don't have these chapter yet written, I know how they shall go.  Jesu is the inspiration for the chapter that will detail Johnny and Katie's eventual wedding.  I'm thinking spring, flowers, and happiness here.  How Great Thou Art is the inspiration for the final chapter of this fiction.  We all know pretty much how it will end, but like the creators of Gilmore Girls, I already have the last line of this planned as well.  This song sets the tone of it, and I believe leads us into what we know of Once, of Ingleside.

Also, there is the song, Mrs. Darcy, from the newest production of Pride and Prejudice.  It has inspired a chapter that I have written for Hope in ...These Three Remain. 

Anyway, I felt like sharing.  Don't forget to read Ruby's new chapters of Marilla of Cuthbert Place and make your comments on our new Character of the Month, Philippa Gordon!
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  1. DylanLeeLo Says:

    I actually have this hobby of turning my favorite books into playlists. I don't always listen to it when I'm writing or to get myself into writing mode but I do have one for Rilla of Ingleside that I think is pretty sweet. I thought I'd share just for kicks..
    (It's supposed to represent the plot of Rilla...Interpret as you will)
    1) The Island-Aselin Debison
    2)You're Island-Anne and Gilbert the musical
    3)The Wedding Jig-Celtic-Ireland Traditional
    4)Things I'll never say-Avril Lavigne
    5)Green eyes- coldplay
    6)Celtic Fiddle Fest- The Cheiftains
    7)The Soft Goodbye- Celtic Women
    8) Some say- Sun 41
    9) The girls at Martinfield- Natalie MacMaster
    10) Solitary shell-Dream Theater
    11)Get me through december- Natalie MacMaster
    12)Hollow Years-Dream Theater
    13) Grand Theft Autumn- Fallout Boy
    14) Everlong (Acoustic Version)-Foo fighters
    15)Eternal Sacrifice-Dream Theater
    16)My Hero-Foo Fighters
    17) Hymn to the Sea- Titanic Score
    18)May it be-Enya
    19) Everlong-Foo fighters
    20)I walk beside you-Dream Theater
    21) The boys are back in town-Thin Lizzy
    23) Here comes the sun-Beatles
    24) In Dreams-Lord of the Rings-Howard Shore and Edward Ross

    phew... Enjoy!

  2. I think that's great!