Changes and Updates

As you can see, I've been adding to the blog again. The first thing that I have added are javascript rss feeds from and The L. M. M. Fanfiction Blog. Now we'll have fairly up to date news on new stories and chapters and new posts @ the forum.

The second thing that I've done is add a link to email me. For those of you who don't mind and make me aware of it, I'll add direct links to your email too so that we can have greater interaction.

The last thing that I have done today is add links to Firefox and Thunderbird. Firefox is what I believe to be the fastest, safest, most fun web browser for Windows. With Firefox, you have tabbed browsing so you can look at multiple pages in one window. You can add numerous extentions and make your computer basically inpenatrable to unwanted popups, and lots of other great extensions.

Thunderbird is the email client by Mozilla who makes Firefox. It's just as fun as Firefox though still doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Outlook has yet.

You may wonder why I'm promoting these programs, but mostly, I just want everyone to have a safe, worry-free time on the internet. I know that there are a lot of things out there waiting to fry our computers, and I think these help keep a lot of it away. Also, unlike Microsoft stuff, it's free, and the updates are free. You don't have to pay an arm an a leg for the latest security updates. It's great!
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  1. Elouise82 Says:

    This just keeps getting more and more sophisticated. Great job, Adrienne, and everything looks wonderful!