The Ideas are churning in my head....

I've got to start jotting down ideas and timelines for future ff's. Last night, The Flash came before me, and I have an even more definate plan for my next ff. That's all I'll say now. I just had to say something.
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  1. geeruby Says:

    That's ALL you're going to say??? UNFAIR!

    I am most definitely looking forward to this fic, whatever it may be. :)

  2. Well, let's just say that I have Hope's part almost all planned out, just not the ending. I don't think it's been done, yet. I guess that I better get busy before someone beats me to the punch. But then, I really need to fill in the in-between times. "Comfort and Joy" and "Nan" may have to take sabatical.

  3. Okay, "Nan" already was on sabatical. I just think that while the inspiration's there, I better fly with it.

  4. NanMeredith Says:

    I really want "Nan" updated!! We must have another chapter soon!

  5. Oh, she will be - some day. I know that seems vague and horrible, but between work, getting ready to move yet again, and just everyday married life, time to write any of it is just not abundant. Hopefully in the coming months, I'll get more writing done.

  6. iffie21 Says:

    i love Nan too.

  7. I like Nan too, or I wouldn't have started it. It's just that so many ideas are running in my head, it's hard to keep all of them going.