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First and foremost, our Discussion Forum is almost two weeks old, and it looks to be doing great! Everyone keep joining and inviting members. I'll remember to do that next post I make at

I've had to limit voting again on the poll because someone's been going crazy. That's cool though, but Bravenet's been shutting down voting from time to time because of overkill.

I forgot to announce that I've also added a chat room, if you scroll down. Sometime, we'll have to schedule a live chat like we discussed long ago.

There have been some great posts in recent weeks. Everyone keep up the good work.

This year is growing old and winding down. Whatever holidays you celebrate, if any at all, I hope that they are safe and happy. To all those who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, eat up! Have fun!

- Adrienne.
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  1. Ingrid Says:

    ooh, sounds like fun, count me in!