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Arghhh! I cannot stop THINKING! I have been thinking over my ending to The Harbour Light lately, and the way it's going to end lends itself very nicely to a sequel of Nan and Di and Faith during the war years. (I know that's JUST what we need, and I'm loath to start a new fic when I have so many other unwritten/incompleted ones in the works, but I can't help it!) I was trying to go over the timeline of Rilla of Ingleside in my head and here's what I have so far:

Summer 1914 (July?): start of WWI
1914: Jem and Jerry go
1915 (early spring? March?) Walter goes? Rilla finds Jims?
Summer 1916: Ken goes?
September 1916: Walter dies
1918: end of the war.

When is Jerry shot? When does Faith go to become a VAD? When does Jem propose to Faith? What year did Faith and Nan and Di start at Redmond? If they started Queens in 1909, and stayed three years, a la Anne, and then taught for a year, would they start in 1914? That would have them in their last year at Redmond at the end of the war, which would make sense.

Anyway, nothing will probably come of this, but it's fun to think it out. :)
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  1. Walter goes off the summer of 1915, after the sinking of Lustatania. Jerry was shot at Vimy Ridge, which started on April 9, 1917. A lot happened that week, from the US joining to Vimy Ridge and Arras. That's the next significant time in "Comfort and Joy, too." I think that Faith went off to join the VAD's in summer 1917, after her graduation. We do know in the beginning of RoI that she started Redmond at least a year before Nan, Di, and Walter did in 1914.

    I totally understand thinking about other things to write. It's a blessing and a curse.

    Here's a website that might help with some actual facts:

  2. I think I had a lot of typos, I tried to type so fast, LOL! However, I would love to read a Faith, Nan, Di fic set before WWI from you!

  3. Oh yeah, Rilla brought Jims home in Summer / Fall 1914. It was before the older ones went off to school in September.

  4. geeruby Says:

    Thank you for the info! This is why your stories are the most historically accurate/realistic out of all of ours. I lay awake in bed last night thinking over certain scenes. How did Nan feel when Jerry was shot? How did Di feel when Walter died? How did Faith decide to go overseas? And I decided I had to write it. I'll try to take a different tack about it -- I know we have so many stories about this time already!

  5. I've tried ALL DAY to reply! Work really gets in the way sometimes, LOL!

    Well, I'm just as big a fan of history as literature. This time period has always fasinated me, even more so after the first time I read Rilla.

    I can't wait to read this new fic. You have your own special style that would make this pretty special. I've always wondered many of the same things as you.

    Certain scenes come to me in the oddest places. The shower is a quiet place of clarity, and many scenes come about there. I have so many plans for later fics, and Hope will be a big part of them. I have romances, heartbreaks, and one interesting scene between she and Una. That one's probably typical, but I don't think it would be true if it wasn't there.

    I also have the scene in "Nan" where the girls find out about Walter. They were obviously at school, and we don't know at all how they took it.

    In my opinion, there's room for many people's interpretations of the war years and so on. Again, I can't wait to read yours.

  6. NanMeredith Says:

    I defenitely understand how complicated thinking and planning a story out can be! Especially since there are so many historical dates and times!
    I would love to read your fic about the girls. I'm in the middle of planning and writing my own stories (on Nan, Faith, and Di) at the moment and would enjoy seeing the story unfold from another's point of view. I hope you decide to write them!

  7. Nan, I'm very interested in what you have planned to write.