Mothers and Daughters

I put up a new story at -- I would have linked to it but I just put it up so it's not up yet. It's called "Mothers and Daughters."

I wanted to write more about Cecilia – I've been re-reading Cecilia of Ingleside and Cecilia of Red Apple Farm, lately, and I wanted to write more about all those characters but I didn't really like the idea of another book-length ff. So I decided to write a bunch of vignettes about people and things that happen after the end of Cecilia of Red Apple. This is going to focus mainly on the women in the stories, and their children. It's not going to be very linear – one chapter will take place ten years in the future and the next will take place shortly after the end of WWII. I might not mention Anne or Gilbert very much because they're getting old and I don't want to write (or think!) about them dying. It's not pleasant.

Anyway, here's the first chapter, about Cecilia's wedding day. Another to follow, soon, about Joy's daughters. Hope you enjoy, please let me know!

And let me know if there are any characters you'd especially like to hear about from those stories.

Thanks, and everyone, keep up the G R E A T work. :)

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  1. r6144 Says:

    Would Denny marry Betsy? Or Rosemary? Just interested :)

  2. I would like to hear more about Rosemary Blythe. She captured my heart in "Cecilia of Red Apple Farm."

    I'm glad you don't want to focus on Anne and Gilbert dying. That's very unpleasant, and it almost seems like you're alluding to Anne's death at one point in this chapter.

    I'm still wondering what will happen to Rilla and Ken in "Rilla My Rilla," but anything is wonderful. This has really put me in a better mood. Thank you.

  3. geeruby Says:

    Betsy's not going to be in this, alas, but I'll see what I can do re: Denny and Rosemary. I haven't really planned the Rosemary chapter but I want to make it really good because I love Rosemary too.

    I didn't mean to imply that Anne was dead! I just wanted to show that Cecilia was thinking of Ingleside and how she would miss seeing it's lights through the trees when she wasn't home in her little rom at Red Apple.

    I haven't forgotten about Rilla and Ken, but I feel like I wrote myself in a corner there. We all know what happens to them, but as one reviewer pointed out, in "Road to Yesterday" they DO move to Toronto, and I'm disgusted with myself for not adhering exactly to the books! But it's too late to undo that now. :)

  4. oh Ruby.... i'm SO excited for more about Cecilia. i've been checking religiously for a while, hoping you'd update or put up a new fic somewhere. yay! i can't wait... i'm going to go read it soon. :)

  5. Regarding Rilla and Ken, you could have them move to Toronto for a while. I'm not sure if there is anything in your fics about them never living there. You can look at that one little bit where Gilbert Ford from Toronto as a fluke or pay no attention to it at all. Sometimes I look at "The Road to Yesterday" as canon, and sometimes I don't because of the way it was published posthumously. You're stories are so well written that most people don't really care.

  6. geeruby Says:

    The way I was trying to justify it to myself is that in TRTY, women are gossiping about Gilbert Ford from Toronto, and I just tell myself he either went to school there or they got their information wrong! Thanks adrienne, this has made me feel much better.

  7. iffie21 Says:

    I thnk that they got it wrong- quite possibly it was another Gilbert Ford!

  8. Oh yeah, you know gossips never get eveything right. Who knows what the old ladies in my hometown have said about me since I left. Of course, they may not have said anything at all....