Just letting you know...

It's an interesting thing, the international date line. I can post this now, at 9:25 pm central daylight time, October 20, and it wil still be under Rilla-my-rilla's posts because it's already the 21'st where she is! It took me a while to realize what was going on, and I thought Blogger was having problems when I tried to post the link to the "How to Join" post. It wasn't Blogger that was having problems, but yours truly. Go figure. (I wish there was a place here to put a sarcastic smiley)

Now that I've finished chasing that rabbit, tomorrow, Bart and I are leaving for our Autumn fishing expidition. This means that after say, 10:00 am tomorrow, I will be computer deprived until Sunday night or Monday morning. The happy note is that hopefully I'll get some writing done on this trip. I'm looking more to rest and relax than fish. I was hoping for some beautiful fall foliage, but it seems that Summer hasn't wanted to let go. If we take any great pictures, I'll post them on my personal blog when we return.

So, Nan Meredith, please get me your email soon so I can send you the inviation to join. Also, everyone just write away. I'll miss you while I'm away!
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  1. That's because I live in the land down under. you know, the one with kangaroos, koalas, emus, and wombats? yeah, that one. Sorry, I didn't explain this before. I meant to, really I did.

  2. I just thought that it was neat.